F-35: Blade Bummer

The news that the Pentagon’s fleet of 51 F-35 fighters has been grounded because of a half-inch crack in one of its engine’s turbine blade is one of those problems that can truly be called a teething issue: it’s something that …

Leatherneck Lunch

Marine 1st Sgt. Joshua Clayton eats a live scorpion Feb. 17 as part of training during Operation Cobra Gold in Thailand.

Big Exercise, Low Profile, In Japan-China Dispute

TOKYO – One of the largest-ever joint training exercises between U.S. and Japanese troops is underway in and around the Japanese home islands – but you won’t hear a lot about it. And for that you can credit tensions with

War Birds

A Marine UH-1 Venom utility helicopter and an AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter fly over Helmand province on Oct. 17.

On Austin Tice, And the Tug of War

About a month ago, a friend posted an article — a Facebook post, rather — that Austin Tice wrote before he went missing. Austin is a freelance journalist, fellow Marine, and fellow Georgetown student apparently captured by …

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