A Modest Proposal…

If someone had told Battleland when he was a whippersnapper on the defense beat that this pair of statements would be issued on the same day by the nation’s two ground forces, we wouldn’t have believed it:

— The Army announces that Major Nidal Hasan, the psychiatrist who faces trial for allegedly killing 13 people at Fort Hood

The Downer Side of War

War is hell, and one way to deal with it is to drink your troubles away – even if U.S. troops are barred from consuming alcohol in war zones.

But nothing apparently stops many of them once the troops are back home. A new …

Japan Frets over U.S. Support in China Dispute

TOKYO – When the U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Asia this weekend, his biggest challenge may not be convincing China that America will give its full support to longtime ally Japan in the escalating dispute over islands …

Turns Out the Marines Had Ammo…

The report Thursday that Marines in Cairo lacked ammo as their embassy came under attack was not accurate.

An overnight dispatch from longtime DIA analyst John McCreary on his NightWatch blog cited unidentified Marine blogs as the source for the claims.

The report quickly went viral. But based on reporting all day Thursday, it’s …

What’s Worse: No Marines, or (Possibly) Unarmed Marines?

UPDATE II: The Marines said late Thursday that any reports “of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the ambassador are not accurate.”

UPDATE: “With or without a weapon, Marines are always armed,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said Thursday afternoon. “I’ve heard nothing to suggest

Still No Luck for the V-22 in Japan

TOKYO – If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Marines’ V-22 would have no luck at all – at least not in Japan.

More than 100,000 people turned out on Okinawa on Sunday to protest the planned deployment of the Marines’ new …

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