Kirk Spitzer

Kirk Spitzer is a veteran journalist and defense correspondent, based in Tokyo. He has covered nearly every major US military deployment since Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm and has made more than a dozen reporting trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was the first journalist to report from the fighting in Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2004, where he was embedded with US special operations forces. Spitzer has won numerous journalism awards, and is a frequent speaker at military-media symposiums. Before moving to Tokyo, he worked as defense correspondent for USA Today in Washington DC, and reporter/producer for CBS News in London. Spitzer has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Hawaii; he was also a Jefferson Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu and a Davenport Fellow at the University of Missouri.

Articles from Contributor

Battleland Battleland

A Nice Fit for Japan?

U.S. and Japanese personnel watch as a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey – wings, rotors and engines folded — is brought below decks on the helicopter carrier JS Hyuga.

It was the first time that a V-22 has landed on a Japanese …

Battleland Battleland

Marines Get Carded

TOKYO – The Marines have tried curfews, drinking restrictions and plain old jawboning to cut down crime and controversy on Okinawa, a key center of U.S. military power in the Pacific. Now they’re handing out reminder …

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