Carrier Wars

U.S. aircraft carriers are a big roll of the dice. The U.S. Navy has begun building the Ford class of carriers, which are going to end up costing $15 billion each once they’re outfitted with the warplanes that are the reason …

Japan Frets over U.S. Support in China Dispute

TOKYO – When the U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Asia this weekend, his biggest challenge may not be convincing China that America will give its full support to longtime ally Japan in the escalating dispute over islands …

Still No Luck for the V-22 in Japan

TOKYO – If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Marines’ V-22 would have no luck at all – at least not in Japan.

More than 100,000 people turned out on Okinawa on Sunday to protest the planned deployment of the Marines’ new …

NoKo’s L’il Kim Outmaneuvers His Military

Time’s ace Asia hand Bill Powell dissects this week’s surprising uncoup by Kim Jong Un in North Korea:

Far from being deposed or assassinated, Kim Jong Un had been promoted by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP) from the rank of general to marshal in the North Korean military. Prior to this announcement, there had been six vice

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