Military Women

General Misconduct

The Army is charging a general who served five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with sexual assault, adultery, and inappropriate relationships with female subordinates.

So much for the military’s recently-boosted efforts to curb …

Body Armor for Women…At Last

Darlene Iskra’s post here Tuesday about a possible divers’ memorial had a link to a page celebrating female military divers. If you followed it, you might have read an excerpt from an interview with Sue Trukken, a pioneering …

Air Force Heroes…And Heroines

Latest roster of Air Force heroes – or, as the service prefers to call them, “Portraits in Courage” – consists of 20 airmen who recently performed heroic feats, mostly in Afghanistan. They all make for inspiring reading, especially if you’re stuck behind a desk. Four of the 20 – 20% — are women. Females make up 19.1% of the …


Good to see the Air Force is taking the problem of sexual assault in its ranks seriously. It has been in the news lately, unfortunately, after dozens of female trainees at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio alleged they had been assaulted by their male instructors.

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