Military Personnel

Korresponts Koreedoor

We reported last month about the Defense Department taking down the sign honoring a Pentagon hallway as the “Correspondents Corridor” and replacing it with one highlighting “ASD Public Affairs.” ASD is Pentagon-speak for …

No More Bad Commanding Officers?

The headline in the June 18 Navy Times that arrived in my mailbox screamed NO MORE BULLIES, DRUNKS, & PLAYBOYS. It went on to detail Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert’s “tough new rules” for screening for …

Love Boats

A retired Navy captain is sounding an alarm over women serving on warships.

“We can’t have both chastity and mixed-sex complements,” Kevin Eyer argues in October’s Proceedings, the professional naval journal published …

No Longer Alone…

As I lay out the clothes and review the checklist for our trip Friday, I can’t help but reflect on what TAPS — Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors — means to me and my children.

Not everyone finds TAPS right …

The Survivors Gather

This weekend, relatives of many of the U.S. troops who have killed themselves in the suicide epidemic gripping the American military are gathering in San Diego. They’re coming together to support one another and figure out how to move on with life. It’s the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors’ National Military Suicide Survivor

Manning Unmanned Systems

Eyes glaze over when diving deep into Defense Science Board studies, those phonebook-thick reports (today more PDF than pdf) salted through with buzz phrases (potentially unlimited persistent capabilities, bounded autonomous

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