Military Personnel

More Bucks, Fewer Bodies

This interesting chart surfaced last week at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Global Security forum. Note how the black line – representing the number of troops in the U.S. military by year – generally tracked the blue bars, representing how much money we spend on defense each year. Until 9/11, that is, when …

Sexual Assault in the Ranks Up 4% Last Year

The number of sexual assaults alleged by military personnel crept up slightly in 2011. The rise from 2,617 in 2010 to 2,723 represents a 4% increase. “One sexual assault in the military is one too many,” the Pentagon’s latest report on sexual assault in the ranks concludes. “While the Department has taken bold steps to prevent and …

Full Speed Ahead

This chart comes from a Government Accountability Office report released Thursday. It’s funny how some Pentagon costs seemed to have turned on their afterburners in the wake of 9/11.

The Army’s Report Card

The Army has just surveyed more than 40,000 of its people about how it’s faring, and gives itself an A, or something pretty close to it.

The Army Profession (AP) Campaign Annual Report (where do they come up with such titles?) spells out how the service has been able to come through more than a decade of war pretty much intact. There …

21st Century Fragging: Sexual Assault

Navy Times reports this week that “Navy leaders are calling for educational standdowns in April to communicate the service’s policy of zero tolerance for sexual assault while encouraging sailors to work harder to prevent attacks.” It’s part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an effort to raise awareness of the issue and what can be …

War Dog Roy Visits the Dentist

After three days of contentious debate before the Supreme Court on Americans’ right, or not, to health care, it’s nice to see that the Pentagon’s military working dogs get it for free. And get this – there’s no individual mandate, either.

Check out the full story of Roy, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, who broke his …

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