Korresponts Koreedoor

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DoD photo / Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey

Intrepid Pentagon correspondent checking out possible location of his next cubicle.

We reported last month about the Defense Department taking down the sign honoring a Pentagon hallway as the “Correspondents Corridor” and replacing it with one highlighting “ASD Public Affairs.” ASD is Pentagon-speak for Assistant Secretary of Defense.

It is part of a $90,000 renovation to the E-ring hallway, which will honor correspondents as well as the military’s public-affairs officers, Tuesday’s Washington Post reports.

The E-ring is the Pentagon’s finest corridor, seeing as its outer offices look out onto Washington landmarks (including parking lots) and not into the windows of nearby Pentagon offices like those on the A, B, C and D rings. First, reporters lost their offices on the E-ring. Now they’ve lost their sign.

But not to worry, you champions of the First Amendment and the public’s right to no. It seems the ink-stained – OK, pixel-stained – wretches aren’t taking the loss of their prime Pentagon real estate sitting down. The press corps has stood up and taped a piece of paper labeled “Korresponts Koreedoor” on the wall of their warren of cubicles where they now toil well off the E-ring.