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Reconnecting…with Myself

One of the things I heard early on at TAPS, as well as from my counselor at home, is the importance of self-care.

I’m a mother of three young children. Whenever this term “self-care” is thrown around in my presence I …


“I Refuse to Give Up”

Today, I am tired of suicide.

I ache in my bones and muscles and soul for all the suffering that continues to occur.

I am tired of learning about people who reached out for help, sometimes screaming for help, and they were …


Through a Child’s Eyes

Shannon, Tim and John.

These names, prior to our trip to the TAPS National Military Survivors Seminar in Washington, D.C., in May were not names I heard spoken in our home. Now, they receive nearly daily mentions and are …


No Longer Alone…

As I lay out the clothes and review the checklist for our trip Friday, I can’t help but reflect on what TAPS — Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors — means to me and my children.

Not everyone finds TAPS right …