Military Training

Marine photo / Sgt. Matthew Troyer

Leatherneck Lunch

Marine 1st Sgt. Joshua Clayton eats a live scorpion Feb. 17 as part of training during Operation Cobra Gold in Thailand.

An Army Iwo Jima

Soldiers at Fort Bragg hook up a 105mm howitzer to a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during training Feb. 8.

Afghan Dawn

U.S., allied and Afghan troops greet the new day as they prepare to conduct “village stability operations” in Farah province’s Khak-E-Safed village on Oct. 20.

Trainin’ in the Rain

Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz practice deterring intruders during a force-protection exercise October 11 near San Diego.

The War Winds Down…

Two different, but mutually reinforcing, newspaper takes Sunday on the U.S. role in Afghanistan:

— In a lengthy editorial, the New York Times says it’s time to speed up the U.S. military’s withdrawal, well before the 2015 …

Love Boats

A retired Navy captain is sounding an alarm over women serving on warships.

“We can’t have both chastity and mixed-sex complements,” Kevin Eyer argues in October’s Proceedings, the professional naval journal published …

A Visit With General Dana Pittard

I just returned home from my third trip to Fort Bliss in two months. I made the first two trips so that I could learn about the installation and the leadership’s approach to preventing soldier suicide. On this most recent visit …

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