Military Women

Smart Business Plan: Hire a Vet

I know — from personal experience — that folks out there who do the hiring for their companies have no idea what the experience and work ethics are of military veterans.

Although I retired 12 years ago and opted to go to graduate school instead of looking for work right away, I too have faced a brick wall when it came to finding a …

Losing a Daughter in Combat

It’s tough for most Americans to learn much about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that the U.S. military has waged since 9/11. So it’s all the more important to pay attention when combat chronicles – and their impact back home – surface.

Anna Simon covered the 2004 death in Iraq of Kimberly Hampton for South Carolina’s The

Women in Direct Ground Combat? Not Quite Yet

In a decided lack of fanfare, the Pentagon announced a new assignment policy for women, set to take effect on May 14. The so-called collocation rules have been set aside, a policy that had been in effect since 1993 when Title 10, …

Gender-Blind Fleet, Huh?

The Navy Uniform Board is messing around with uniforms again…this time to make the uniforms “gender blind.” In other words, the women will now be wearing men’s uniforms and covers. Won’t that be swell? This is in response to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus’ commitment to service where opportunities are gender blind, according …

Paper Cuts

Command Sergeant Major Teresa King – relieved of command of the service’s drill-sergeant school at Fort Jackson, S.C., last November – was reinstated Friday, only days before she is set to relinquish command. The Army …

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