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Air Force Blue Lines

The Air Force has just announced its intent “to Award a Sole Source Contract for U.S. Air Force Advertising with the Carolina Hurricanes.” The ‘Canes are an NHL hockey team based in Raleigh, N.C.

Of course, there are 30 NHL teams – 23 in the U.S., the rest in Canada, of course – so we were curious why the Air Force wants …

Saying Twice, Paying Once?

One of Battleland’s crew of ace accountants flipped Monday’s list of Pentagon contract announcements our way, and pointed out this drone upgrade program (you can click on it to enlarge):

Then he tossed us Friday’s list, and pointed to this one:

Just a simple error, the Air Force said Tuesday.

“This contract was …

Air Force Heroes…And Heroines

Latest roster of Air Force heroes – or, as the service prefers to call them, “Portraits in Courage” – consists of 20 airmen who recently performed heroic feats, mostly in Afghanistan. They all make for inspiring reading, especially if you’re stuck behind a desk. Four of the 20 – 20% — are women. Females make up 19.1% of the …


Good to see the Air Force is taking the problem of sexual assault in its ranks seriously. It has been in the news lately, unfortunately, after dozens of female trainees at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio alleged they had been assaulted by their male instructors.

The Bomber Exchange Program

Remember in high school how there’d always be these exchange students from exotic locales from around the world who’d attend classes with you for a year? How it was supposed to nurture international understanding and good will? …

Firing for Effect 2.0

Back in January, Battleland reported on 157 Air Force majors the service was booting out after 15 years in uniform. There had been a policy of letting such airmen make their 20 years to be eligible for a pension, but budget cutting had made that impossible in their case, the Air Force said.

Such bad-tasting medicine is increasingly …


Hard to believe the first, and next-to-last, combat use of the atomic bomb happened 67 years ago today.

Battleland has always been fascinated and appalled, for all the predictable reasons, concerning its use.

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