Air Force

The Strange Case of the (Nearby) But Missing F-22s Over Libya

So the Air Force’s latest and greatest warplane – the $412 million per copy F-22 – has now been MIA in Iraq, Afghanistan and – most surprisingly – in imposing the no-fly zone over Libya. How come? Especially when it was already in the neighborhood on the eve of that conflict? It raises a whole new version of the so-called …

Agent Blue?

The Air Force has been using a pair of C-130 aircraft as crop-dusters over Utah, trying to eradicate halogeton. That’s a salt-loving, invasive weed that complicates the service’s bomb tests and can make recovering unexploded bombs more dangerous. The planes have been spraying 1,200 acres of the Utah Test and Training Range from about …

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are…Here.

General-Colonel Alexander Nikolayevich Zelin, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation Air Force, sits in the cockpit of a B-52 during a recent visit to U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command at Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base. Most of us of a certain age are amazed to see a Russian general sitting at the helm of a …

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