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Thar She Floats!

The Army has finally got its football-field-sized Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) airborne over the Jersey coast. The huge unmanned spy platform is designed to give the U.S. military “more than 21 days of unblinking stare,” contractor Northrop Grumman says.

Not all of its numbers are so stupendous: it boasts a …

Battleland Battleland

Dancin’ Marines

These days, when troops get bored in the war zone – and there’s plenty of time for that to happen – they make music videos. Here’s the latest from the Marines (and some soldiers) at Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan, lip-syncing to what Battleland is told is Carly Rae Jepson’s summer hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Dan Lamothe …

Battleland Battleland

Blast Effects

War is action v. reaction. The insurgents got the upper hand in Iraq with their improvised explosive devices. We countered with $40 billion worth of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. That worked for a while.

But the advantage is shrinking. Six U.S. troops, all inside a single MRAP, died Sunday in Afghanistan in the blast of a …

Battleland Battleland

Broken-Windows Theory

In sociology, the “broken-windows theory” holds that if a neighborhood or city doesn’t fix its broken windows and graffiti, the environment will continue to descend into crime, chaos and violence.

In Brazil, apparently, it means something quite different. Check out this pair of Brazilian air force Mirage 2000 fighters flying too …

Battleland Battleland

Surefire Way To Render Unmanned Drones Obsolete…

No doubt the Pentagon is behind this: a human-powered quad-rotor helicopter. If this thing, ahem, really takes off, unmanned drones are doomed

All kidding aside, congratulations to the team at the University of Maryland, and pilot Kyle Gluesenkamp, for getting this muscle-fueled whirlybird airborne for 50 seconds last Thursday …

Battleland Battleland

“Buck” Starts Here

Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, the California Republican who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, is out with his latest video on the perils of impending sequestration. It’s increasingly looking like mutual Russian roulette: the GOP doesn’t want the military’s future spending plans cut by $600 billion over the coming decade …

Battleland Battleland

“Lights! Camera! GAO?

Battleland recalls when Government Accountability Office reports were issued with light-blue covers, not the dark-blue ones they’ve been sporting for a couple of decades. And when G.A.O. stood for General Accounting Office, until Congress decided that sounded too meek (GAO works only for Congress; for years reporters called it the …

Battleland Battleland

The “Secret Deal”

Rep. Mike Turner, the Ohio Republican who chairs the armed services committee’s strategic subcommittee, remains alarmed by President Obama’s hot-mic chit-chat with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In March, Obama told Medvedev that Obama would have “more flexibility” if he’s re-elected to hammer out a new arms-control …

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