Military Training

The U.S. Plot to Blow Up the Afghan Ministry of Defense

Times have gotten tougher in Afghanistan given the latest green-on-blue attacks, where Afghan troops – or at least killers clad like Afghan troops – have taken to killing U.S. and other allied personnel with firearms or suicide vests. Army Major David Fitzpatrick, who was deployed as a trainer for the Afghan military in Kabul from …


Good to see the Air Force is taking the problem of sexual assault in its ranks seriously. It has been in the news lately, unfortunately, after dozens of female trainees at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio alleged they had been assaulted by their male instructors.

Planning for SNAFUS

The Air Force spent a lot of time and money a generation ago when it designed its C-17 cargo airplane to take off and land at short, unimproved runways around the world – “austere” was the word of choice. But it couldn’t imagine that capability would be needed because a pilot would someday err and land at the tiny Davis Islands …

Training the Afghan Military

A just-released Army report offers insights into the challenges associated with weaning the Afghan military off its dependence on U.S. and allied support. The ability for Afghanistan to defend itself after U.S. combat forces pull …

Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless…

What have I learned from the tragic shooting that took the lives of six Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday? It reminded me of who I am.

People wept for the senseless loss of life. Some were afraid to come out of their homes. They complained that their leaders had segregated them and that their pleas for justice had fallen …

Common Sense from an Enlisted Man

No, not just any enlisted man, but Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy, the service’s senior enlisted man. It’s unusual not only because it comes from an enlisted leader, but because it comes from the Air Force, …

Lacking at Lackland

Multiple victims (31).  Multiple instructors implicated in abuse (12). Intimidating recruits. Rape in the closet.

I’m not talking about the Aberdeen sex scandal 15 years ago, but details of what is alleged to have happened over the last three years at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

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