There’s Johnny!

Clips from classic early broadcasts of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – long feared lost – have turned up in a military storage unit.

The 16mm film reel had been stored in Riverside, Calif., for nearly a …

Harvesting Labor Rights: Chavez’s UFW At 50

On September 30, 1962, legendary Chicano civil rights activist Cesar Chavez founded what would become the United Farm Workers of America—and with migrant labor a focus of the U.S. political debate, the UFW’s 50th anniversary is …

“My Husband is a True American Hero”

My husband, Staff Sergeant Jeremy Breece, is a True American Hero.

In 2008, my husband and I thought it would be best that I separate from the Air Force because of two reasons. One being I was pregnant and two, my husband had …

Air Force Capt. Tony McPeak, Over Vietnam

Merrill “Tony” McPeak served as the U.S. Air Force’s 14th chief of staff – its top officer – from 1990 to 1994. A fighter pilot — who flew over Vietnam, in war, and as a member of the Air Force’s Thunderbirds aerial acrobatic team, in peace – McPeak ran the service during 1991’s Gulf War. He has always been an outspoken …

The Powers That Be

This Friday, the Air Force will award Francis Gary Powers – the pilot of the ill-fated U-2 spy plane shot down by the Soviets in 1960 and held captive for 21 months – a posthumous Silver Star. It’s the latest in a series of sorrys the U.S. has offered Powers’ family following his poor treatment at the hands of the the government he …

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