Military Spending

“A Moral Outrage”

The over-deployment of a too-small military since 9/11 has led to a peculiar situation where Congress and the nation feel a subtle sense of guilt over what they have put the nation’s young men and women in uniform through. It has warped military compensation and retirement policies, Lawrence J. Korb, Alex Rothman, and Max Hoffman write …

Good Drugs, Bad Drugs

There’s two kinds of drug trafficking Afghanistan — the good, detailed in the map on the left, and the bad (click on either to enlarge). Last year, the U.N. charted the still-thriving opium trade from inside Afghanistan to the world’s narcotics markets. Monday, the Pentagon inspector general detailed problems with the Afghan National …

How To Build a War Machine

Arthur Herman is one of those scholars who grips the past and just won’t let go, which is lucky for those of us stuck in the present. In these days where attention spans are collapsing into overflowing rivers of data, every once in awhile you need a historian to point out what’s important.

Herman’s new book, Freedom’s Forge:


…otherwise know as the Army’s Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise. Or, as the Army says:

The Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) program will be used to procure logistics services requirements, primarily Material Maintenance Services, Retail/Wholesale Supply Services and Transportation Support Services in support

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Artwork

The Army buys lots of things for the troops, but this is one we haven’t seen before. Behavioral artwork?

What’s especially surprising is that Thursday’s announcement was simply a declaration that the contracting office at Fort Gordon, Ga., intends to award a contract for an unspecified amount to “Perspective, LLC” of …

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