Military Spending

Bombs Away? Nope — Bombers Here to Stay!

Defense procurement is like the tides. Waves of reform are followed by waves of profligacy. Repeat, war infinitum. Take the Next-Generation Bomber, for example. We were just getting used to it, even calling it, almost affectionately, the ”Next-Gen Bomber” when the Air Force pronounced it dead two years ago.

But – surprise! …

Oversight Oversight

The House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces held an oversight hearing on air combat programs Tuesday. The first panel focused on the F-35 fighter—at $380 billion, the Defense …

No Wonder Army Pay Is Fouled Up

Soldiers are forever complaining about how their paychecks are wrong. Here’s a chart from a new Government Accountability Office report that shows just how many places the Army payroll process can get screwed up.

If you’re really a sucker for paycheck punishment, you can click on the chart to enlarge it. Or if you’re an Army …

War’s Strange Bedfellows

The Pentagon is buying helicopters for its Afghan allies from the same Russian-based company that’s also selling weapons to Syria that Damascus is using against its own people.

Rosoboronexport, Moscow’s official arms …

Defining The Threat Down

Daniel Patrick Moynihan triggered some controversy a generation ago when he noted the nation was “defining deviancy down” and that destructive habits that the public would have denounced at one time had become commonplace and accepted.

The late senator came to mind earlier this week over breakfast with Air Force General …

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