Wars? What Wars?

Wednesday night was supposed to be “foreign policy night” at the Republican convention in Tampa, and it was: the speeches were conventional.

Neither GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney nor his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan …

“Halt Or We Will Shoot”

When the first reports flashed over the wires Monday that the USNS Rappahannock fired a .50 caliber machine gun at a fast-approaching craft in the Persian Gulf, the first thought that flashed through many minds was: Thank God –

Never Mind…

David Fulghum over at Aviation Week is one of the capital’s top-notch defense reporters, although the lede on his latest story might leave you scratching your flight helmet:

Evidence is mounting that the U.S. defense community and the Obama administration view 2013 as the likely window for a bombing attack on Iran’s nuclear and

Stuxnet Just Died

The wily computer code has died, only weeks after the New York Times told us, not amid its birth announcements, that it was the bastard child of the U.S. and Israel.

Designed to screw up Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, the software – which ultimately made its way into 130,000 computers around the world – contained a couple of …

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