Military Benefits

Full Speed Ahead

This chart comes from a Government Accountability Office report released Thursday. It’s funny how some Pentagon costs seemed to have turned on their afterburners in the wake of 9/11.

Take This Job And Love It…

A career website has just issued a ranking of 200 jobs from best to worst. They range from software engineer (#1, the best) to lumberjack (#200, the worst). Their placement is purportedly based on each job’s environment, physical demands, income, stress and future prospects (reporter: #196. That high?). Here are the three …

W-2, F-35: Trouble With Numbers

You have to wonder if the Air Force can’t get its W-2 forms straight for 30,000 airmen – about 10% of the force – how can it help manage the financially-troubled $400 billion F-35 program? It seems changes in state tax laws – don’t these happen every year? – weren’t properly folded into the W-2 calculations the Pentagon’s …

Where Miracles are Made: An Inside Look at the Center for the Intrepid

When the war in Afghanistan began ten years ago, some of the most grievously wounded troops have come through Brooke Army Medical Center, a sprawling green campus less than 10 miles from downtown San Antonio.

BAMC, as the troops call it, has long been home to the Department of Defense’s top burn unit. Then 2007, 600,000 people donated …

No Wonder Army Pay Is Fouled Up

Soldiers are forever complaining about how their paychecks are wrong. Here’s a chart from a new Government Accountability Office report that shows just how many places the Army payroll process can get screwed up.

If you’re really a sucker for paycheck punishment, you can click on the chart to enlarge it. Or if you’re an Army …

Dear John Letter 2.0

David Wood has done some of the finest reporting on the wounds of war, both seen and unseen. His latest lays bare the serious genital wounding of hundreds of U.S. troops that’s rarely acknowledged:

“Who’s going to want to be with me now?” wondered Marine Staff Sgt. Glen Silva, 39, after an IED blast shattered his leg, ripped open his

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