W-2, F-35: Trouble With Numbers

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You have to wonder if the Air Force can’t get its W-2 forms straight for 30,000 airmen – about 10% of the force – how can it help manage the financially-troubled $400 billion F-35 program? It seems changes in state tax laws – don’t these happen every year? – weren’t properly folded into the W-2 calculations the Pentagon’s Defense Finance and Accounting Service issued those airmen for their 2011 returns due April 15 (no word yet on whether the other services are affected).

The Air Force alerted its troops to the problem last week, and urged them to access their pay account online to see if they’re due corrected W-2 forms with the right numbers. How’s this for thanks from a grateful nation: “If the affected member has already filed for their taxes, they will need to accomplish an amended tax return,” the Air Force reports. “If they paid a tax-preparation service, more than likely, the members will not be reimbursed any fees.”