Military Benefits

VA Gets a Thumbs-Up

There’s lots of grumbling about the Department of Veterans Affairs from veterans – and its own inspector general, who regularly turns out critical reports.

So it’s worth noting when someone seems satisfied.

It’s …

Another Reason to Live in the Sticks

If you’re a U.S. military veteran living in Waco, Texas – not that far away from the Army’s Fort Hood – you’re out of luck. Veterans living there wait an average of 403 days – that’s more than 13 months — for the …

Persian Gulf Party Time!

The Air Force wants to toss a Halloween party for some 200 folks in Kuwait – to “help bring a bit of Americana and a fun event to our men and women stationed far from home” — and is looking for someone to foot the bill. Don’t fret if you can’t find a Saddam Hussein mask – there’s bound to be fake Mahmoud Ahmadinejad …

Fun Facts To Know & Tell

Ever want to know how many U.S. military veterans they are? How many are men, where they live, how much they earn and how educated they are compared to their non-vet peers? How many fought in more than one war?

Of course, it doesn’t make any difference if you want to know – you’ve already paid for the information. It has …

Smart Business Plan: Hire a Vet

I know — from personal experience — that folks out there who do the hiring for their companies have no idea what the experience and work ethics are of military veterans.

Although I retired 12 years ago and opted to go to graduate school instead of looking for work right away, I too have faced a brick wall when it came to finding a …

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