— Official at U.S. Central Command, calculating how many “potentially inappropriate” emails Marine General John Allen and Tampa socialite Jill Kelley exchanged each day, if there really are 30,000 pages of emails and each page is one email. “Based on 720 days," he adds. "We can’t believe it."

Big Exercise, Low Profile, In Japan-China Dispute

TOKYO – One of the largest-ever joint training exercises between U.S. and Japanese troops is underway in and around the Japanese home islands – but you won’t hear a lot about it. And for that you can credit tensions with

Afghan Dawn

U.S., allied and Afghan troops greet the new day as they prepare to conduct “village stability operations” in Farah province’s Khak-E-Safed village on Oct. 20.

Marksmanship, NoKo Style

A South Korean newspaper reports Thursday that the Pyongyang government executed several North Korean senior officers by firing squad earlier this year for “drinking liquor during the mourning period [following the death of leader Kim Jong-il] or being involved in sex scandals.”

Note that “or.” Apparently, alcohol and adultery …

Sky King

Retired Air Force lieutenant colonel Dan Hampton flew nearly 4,000 hours – including 726 in combat – in an F-16 during his 20 years in the Air Force. (Battleland has flown about, um, one, including none in combat. Final brave …

Rope-a-Dope Debate

The final debate Monday night between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney saw both men stick close to their corners. Neither wanted to make an unforced error, neither did. There was scant that was new.

Soldiers Write…About War, and a Woman

Every once in awhile a war book – actually written by a soldier – grabs you and won’t let go. The latest is The Yellow Birds, by Iraq war vet Kevin Powers. Nate Rawlings interviewed him here on Battleland more than a month …


See where GOP candidate Mitt Romney has just released a roster of more than 300 retired generals and admirals who are endorsing him for President. They range from former Army general Tommy Franks, who commanded the invasions of …

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