Foreign Policy

Kiwis’ Hawaii Adventure: Not So Bad, After All

The U.S. Navy ordered a pair of New Zealand navy vessels to dock in Honolulu’s commercial port last week, instead of Pearl Harbor, where the other navies participating in the RIMPAC naval exercise were at anchor. Kiwi politicians were upset, and saw the basing of their ships away from Pearl as a Yankee snub, as Kirk Spitzer reported

Persian Gulf Fireworks?

Lede story in Wednesday’s New York Times has the U.S. military as a confident boxer, warily eyeing Iran tucked into the far corner of the ring:

The United States has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the

Afdanistan: After Action Report #1

“Watch this,” said my Irish Army friend “Seamus” as a stream of Afghan government officials left the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters building and walked through the Kabul night towards their armored Toyota Land Cruisers. They had just concluded a dinner meeting with International Security Assistance Force …

Bad News All Around

What’s worse – apparently cheating on your wife while based in Iraq as a key U.S. diplomat, or purportedly using your State Department email account to facilitate your alleged assignations with your paramour, supposedly a reporter for a top newspaper? Can’t decide? How about this: having those emails surface after the Obama …

Drone Worrier

On the eve of the 1991 Gulf War – as hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops streamed toward Iraq-occupied Kuwait – a U.S. Army officer remarked how much easier all this would be if someone – a Saddam Hussein turncoat, …

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