Special Operations

Trimming the Training Mission

The headline in Sunday’s Washington Post was pretty stark:

Afghan Recruit Training Halted

…it said.

A quick read of the article offered the reader no clue that the halt affects only about 3% of the entire U.S.-led Afghan …

WHAM* (*winning hearts and minds)

“Winning hearts and minds” has been a key to recent U.S. wars ranging from Vietnam, to Iraq, and now in Afghanistan.

But Thomas H. Henriksen says that such costly ventures may have outlived their usefulness. “In …

Drone Worrier

On the eve of the 1991 Gulf War – as hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops streamed toward Iraq-occupied Kuwait – a U.S. Army officer remarked how much easier all this would be if someone – a Saddam Hussein turncoat, …

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