Thar She Floats!

The Army has finally got its football-field-sized Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) airborne over the Jersey coast. The huge unmanned spy platform is designed to give the U.S. military “more than 21 days of unblinking stare,” contractor Northrop Grumman says.

Not all of its numbers are so stupendous: it boasts a …

What Defense Cuts?

The fear-mongering about impending defense cuts is becoming deafening. Yet even if sequestration happens in January, the Congressional Budget Office says the Pentagon will still be spending as much as it did in 2006. While the cuts may be crude – that is how Congress wrote the law imposing it – they are not draconian.

Here’s a …

Iraq: The Steaks Were High

Major Bryan Cecrie spent much of 2005 in Iraq’s “triangle of death” south of Baghdad. The horrors of war were real, and meals were supposed to be an opportunity to take the edge off, he told the Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in this April interview:

The cooks always think they are doing you a favor when

Beijing Doubling-Down on Stealth Fighters

If a single stealth fighter is good, two must be better. The U.S. military, after all, thinks so: look at its F-22 and F-35 warplanes.

And now China is apparently joining the two-stealth-birds-in-the-hand are worth …

Dari + Pashto = Big Bucks

Buried amid Wednesday’s Pentagon contract announcements is this costly modification:

 That’s a third of a billion dollars for a contract due to expire in two months. Apparently, the Afghans are tougher to understand than we initially thought.

Blast Effects

War is action v. reaction. The insurgents got the upper hand in Iraq with their improvised explosive devices. We countered with $40 billion worth of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. That worked for a while.

But the advantage is shrinking. Six U.S. troops, all inside a single MRAP, died Sunday in Afghanistan in the blast of a …

Parting Gift?

Having flown on the C-17 many times, Battleland knows it’s a good airplane. Production of the cargo aircraft for the U.S. Air Force is all but done; the Pentagon stopped listing it in its regular cost reports back in 2009. That …

Make That Airman a General!

The Schriever Sentinel reports that an (unfortunately unidentified) airman at Colorado’s Buckley Air Force Base wondered earlier this year how come the reverse sides of signs on post needed to be painted brown. After all, he reasoned, the base could save money if they were left in their original galvanized state.

Bingo! His …

Courage Services, Inv. (as in, Invisible)

The outsourcing of what used to be thought of as vital governmental functions continues. Public Intelligence posted this last week on its website. It’s basically a 2009 intelligence report done for the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity by an outfit calling itself Courage Services, Inc. Its nifty corporate logo appears on the …

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