Playing Checkers in Kabul

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Afghanistan is like a giant checkerboard, and U.S. and NATO troops are the checkers, limited to the black squares.

After more than a decade of war combined with a hearts-and-minds …

Carrier Wars

U.S. aircraft carriers are a big roll of the dice. The U.S. Navy has begun building the Ford class of carriers, which are going to end up costing $15 billion each once they’re outfitted with the warplanes that are the reason …

Privatizing War

There’s a new link in the chain that operates U.S. forces in war zones. You can see it in the Air Force’s own crash reports.

Usually, there’s a section up front called “Unit Information,” and it deals with the …

Weaning Kabul Off the U.S. War Machine

So there’s Mohammed Nabi in Kabul complaining about the half-finished buildings and empty scaffolding near his floor-tile shop. “We now realize that most of our business was dependent on foreigners,” he says about the shop he …

Fallout Shelter 2.0

You might think this story from Monday’s Washington Post is simply about some Maryland congressman who believes the end of the world may be drawing near and wants to be prepared:

The electrical grid could fail tomorrow, he

Better Late Than Never

Interesting Pentagon contract buried deep in the long list it announced Friday. The Army awarded nearly $15 million to Jorge Scientific of Arlington, Va., to “provide for the modification of an existing contract to research and develop a methodology for counter insurgency operations. Work will be performed in Arlington and Afghanistan…”

Bigger Bang For The Buck

The Navy has just authorized full-rate production of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, a laser-guided rocket system that manufacturer BAE Systems says costs only a third as much the Hellfire missile commonly …

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