A Quarter-Billion Dollars?

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What does the Pentagon get for that kind of money these days? Well, according to a Navy contract announced Tuesday, it gets five years of

…leadership teams, providing expertise in change management, barrier identification and removal, and key enterprise performance metrics. The contractor will focus efforts on applying the key tenets of a structured, process-focused, metrics-driven enterprise approach to determine required output, identify and remove barriers, develop and analyze measures of performance, and manage the cultural changes necessary to reach enterprise objectives.

Booz Allen Hamilton of McLean, Va., stands to be paid $119,291,843, and CACI-CMS of Chantilly, Va., is slated to get $121,446,377.

Nearly a quarter-billion dollars for New Age Verbal Yinyang (NAVY, for short)?

Make no mistake about it: the U.S. military has been cut through the muscle, and into the bone. Any supposition that there is fat to be found is simply a mistaken manifestation of cultural changes necessary to reach enterprise objectives. Mind overboard!