Military Mental Health

Dark Knight Shooter Not A Veteran

I have to admit that when I saw the news about the Aurora, Colo., shootings Friday morning, my first reaction wasn’t appropriate. My very first instincts should have been shock and sympathy towards the victims and their …

Fighting the Stigma

Financed by the Pentagon and produced by the Institute of Medicine, (that influential member of the National Academy of Sciences with particular political and legislative sway), a 400-page report published Friday recommended a broad range of PTSD-related initiatives. They include annual PTSD screenings for troops returning from combat, …

Lacking at Lackland

Multiple victims (31).  Multiple instructors implicated in abuse (12). Intimidating recruits. Rape in the closet.

I’m not talking about the Aberdeen sex scandal 15 years ago, but details of what is alleged to have happened over the last three years at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

“Killing as an Option”

Much energy, attention, and money has been focused on trying to understand—and end—the dramatic rise in suicide within the military. And while this attention has resulted in the development of many efforts and programs, many of which have improved the overall well being of the force, the increase in suicides among those who serve …

Is Sexual Violence Endemic to the U.S. Military?

Aaron Belkin is at the nexus of the military and its challenges in dealing with sexual matters in the ranks. A professor of political science at San Francisco State University, he founded and directs the Palm Center, a think tank that conducts research into gender and military issues that is part of the UCLA law school.

His new book, …

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