Firing for Effect 2.0

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Back in January, Battleland reported on 157 Air Force majors the service was booting out after 15 years in uniform. There had been a policy of letting such airmen make their 20 years to be eligible for a pension, but budget cutting had made that impossible in their case, the Air Force said.

Such bad-tasting medicine is increasingly afflicting the other services, as well. This from the latest Navy Times:

An Oklahoma attorney filed suit Aug. 2 on behalf of 105 sailors separated by last year’s enlisted retention boards…”I am appalled at what the Navy is attempting to get away with by breaking these sailors’ contracts without the proper authority,” said [former state senator and Army officer E.W.] Keller, who filed the suit with the U.S. Federal Court of Claims.

Sister publication Marine Corps Times adds:

The Marine Corps is preparing to shed what it calls a “surplus” of senior field-grade officers with 20 or more years of service by forcing as many as 111 to retire…The glut of senior officers is creating a bottleneck that is affecting promotions further down the ranks, Marine officials have said.

No one said this was going to be easy…