Fort Hood Suspect May be a Violent Muslim Conscientious Objector Pedophile

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News reports suggest theĀ  Army private arrested in Killeen Texas for allegedly planning an attack on Fort Hood troops had a stash of guns and bomb-making components. Fort Hood was the location of the shooting massacre in November 2009, by a guy who was basically a terrorist. Just what was motivating this kid, however, is hard to fathom at this point.

Killeen police arrested the 21-year old soldier, Naser Abdo, on Wednesday. Some clips say he is a Muslim who was granted conscientious objector status this year, that he had never deployed, and that he was in the process of being put out of the Army. He was also facing a possible court-martial for possession of child pornography, and he’s been AWOL from Fort Campbell, Ky. since July 4. No wonder no clips speculate on motivation yet. That’s a grab bag.

Abdo’s behavior apparently raised eyebrows at a local gun store. You can imagine the clerks were on alert: it was the same gun store where Major Nidal Hasan bought his gun from before slaughtering 13 people in 2009. The shop alerted police.

Police soon learned that after buying 6 pounds of gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun shells, and a magazine for a semi-automatic pistol, Abdo had also visited a local Army Surplus store where he bought a uniform with Fort Hood patches.

If accurate, he’s young, he’s Muslim, he is against the wars, he may be a pedophile, he’s AWOL. Go ahead and speculate. I’ll start with “troubled.”