Mark Benjamin

Mark Benjamin is an award-winning investigative reporter based in Washington, D.C. and a contributing writer at TIME. Since 2001, Benjamin has focused on national security issues with an emphasis on the plight of returning veterans and detainee abuse. Benjamin exposed the burial scandal at Arlington National Cemetery through a yearlong investigation. He was hailed for exploring problems caring for veterans at Walter Reed starting in early 2005 and also obtained the Army’s entire Abu Ghraib investigative files. Benjamin is the winner of a Raymond Clapper Memorial Award for the best reporting from Washington, a Fourth Estate Award from the American Legion, a Mental Health Media Award from the National Mental Health Association, an Outstanding Media Coverage Award from the National Gulf War Resource Center, a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism, and was twice a finalist for the Online News Association’s Online Journalism Awards. He previously worked at and UPI. He can be reached at

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Battleland Battleland

GOP Debate Shows Freedom Fries are Long Gone

The GOP has been demonstrably hawkish for decades. Part of this is philosophical, but acting tough has also been reliable currency in the Republican Party for years.

It’s interesting what 10 years of war will do.

Politicians know which way the wind blows, and America is war-weary — ten-years-of-war weary. They are sick of the …

Battleland Battleland

The Pentagon’s Shiny New Death Trap

Some government anti-terrorism officials worry that the shiny new Defense Department office complex just south of the Pentagon, the Mark Center, is a death trap. The massive, two-tower center is the new home for 6,400 employees of the Washington Headquarters Service, located about 3 miles south of the Pentagon. It’s part of BRAC and …

Battleland Battleland

9-11 Commission Ten Years after Attacks: We Are Safe-er.

The 9-11 Commission got the band back together Wednesday nearly ten years after the attacks to assess progress on implementing their 2004 recommendations intended to make us all safe from al-Qaeda and like-minded creeps. The assessment: We are safe-er. “We are not as secure yet as we can or we should be,” Chairman Thomas Kean, the former …

Battleland Battleland

The Game-Changer in Libya: Time

The game-changer in terms of effective NATO air support for the Libyan rebels was time. That’s because it took months for NATO to re-create a coalition-style precision air strike campaign similar to what the United States leads daily in places like Afghanistan.

Battleland has talked about the air war above Libya with U.S. …

Battleland Battleland

Length of Army Combat Tours Decreased

There is some good new in the world. This ain’t the biggest deal, but we’ll take it.

The Army will reduce the length of many combat deployments from 12 months to 9 months. This is also down from the height of the Iraq war, when many soldiers spent 15 months at war. The shortened tours don’t begin until early 2012 and don’t apply …

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