Another Engagement Party

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Ryan Schulte, platoon leader for the Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team security force, heads back to post after a key-leader engagement gathering in the Pusht-e Rod district of Farah province, Nov. 19.

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Turkey Day in Afghanistan

The Pentagon may not be able to audit its books, but it’s always able to get Thanksgiving dinner – with all the fixins’ – to U.S. troops far from home over the holiday.

Just like clockwork, a delicious aroma wafted …

Battleland Battleland

Are Female Troops More Likely to Get PTSD?

Women may be at greater risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder than men because of what researchers call their “heightened fear response.”

California scientists examined individuals with PTSD symptoms and found that the women in the study developed a stronger fear response than the men during so-called “conditioning …

The Kellys, like thousands of other military families over the last decade, have felt the heartbreak of war in the most profound way possible.
— Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, speaking Monday in Miami of his outgoing senior military assistant, Marine General John Kelly, and his wife, Karen, as Kelly became chief of U.S. Southern Command. Their son, Marine 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly, 29, was killed by a land mine while on a foot patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan, two years ago this month.

U.S. Stamp Prices to Increase by 1 Cent

With less than two months left until 2013, people are probably starting to consider their New Year’s resolutions: giving up smoking, going on a diet, spending less money or more time with their families.

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