National Security


As the fog of war in Afghanistan clouded the death of the 2,000th U.S. troop there in the 11-year war, things seem to be reaching a tipping point.

Revisiting the Correspondents Corridor

Last week’s item on the new OSD Public Affairs sign over what had long been known as the Correspondents Corridor at the Pentagon is premature, a senior Pentagon official says. “The hallway isn’t yet complete,” the senior official says, “and the name hasn’t been changed.”

The new sign is merely a “locational sign” and the hallway …

The Securitization of Instability

Having escaped Iraq after eight years, now mired in the nation’s 12th year in Afghanistan, Americans are probably ready for a book looking at the kind of missions the U.S. military has taken on post-9/11. They’re not pure

Playing Checkers in Kabul

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Afghanistan is like a giant checkerboard, and U.S. and NATO troops are the checkers, limited to the black squares.

After more than a decade of war combined with a hearts-and-minds …

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