Military Health

Up-armored Jock Straps

We reported a month ago on the epidemic of wounds to soldiers’ private parts in Afghanistan when IEDs detonate beneath them. To help deal with the problem, the Army is now sending titanium athletic cups out with the troops, according to USA Today.

Troops’ Mental Health: Bills To Come

Here’s a sentence in a new report, The Psychological Costs of War: Military Combat and Mental Health, that should give any soldier, or soldier’s loved one, or taxpayer, pause:

Our preferred estimates suggest that combat-induced PTSD in the Global War on Terror imposes two-year costs of $1.5 to $2.7 billion on the U.S. health care system.

Speaking of Government-Provided Health Care

Military retirees know that their family insurance payments under the so-called Tricare program — $460 a year, where they have been since 1995 — are going the way of the gramophone record. Given that hikes are inevitable, their leaders are telling them they should embrace the modest fee increases currently proposed — and then push for …

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