Middle East

The Empire Strikes Back

The latest chilling dispatch from a reporter known only as “A Time Reporter in Syria”:

“Is it real? Is it really almost over?” asked a young FSA fighter who took up arms a year ago. “I’m so sick of guns, bullets,

Washington: Time To Dump Bashar, Moscow

The U.S. and Russia have been sparring all week over competing United Nations Security Council resolutions on Syria. The U.S. would like a mandate under Chapter 7 of UN law to intervene more robustly in what the Red Cross and …

The Rebels: We Need Intel More Than Arms

It took Twitter five years to hire a Washington lobbyist. That was quick compared to Apple, which took 25 years to begin paying someone to represent its interests in the capital.

Violence had been raging in Syria for 14 months …

The Shah’s Ghost…

Those of you paying attention to international affairs a generation ago recall that Jimmy Carter’s decision to let the shah of Iran come to the U.S. for medical care created an anti-American firestorm back home in Iran. Has …

Winding Down the War: A Cynical Look Ahead

It appears that we are finally withdrawing from Iraq after eight years there. It is about time. We went in with the stated objective of finding and destroying nuclear weapons and Iraq’s other weapons of mass destruction. We also decided to topple the Saddam Hussein regime with the stated objective of bringing democracy (and

Votes Show that for Hawkish GOP, the Times they are A-Changin’

It used to be easy to cover the Republican party when it came to national security issues. For the most part, members of the GOP could usually be counted on to come down on the hawkish side of a debate or vote.

Toss in tens of thousands of casualties, ten years of war, billions of dollars spent, a new front opening in Libya, and a …

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