A Navajo Code Talker…Speaks So We Can Understand, at Last

For those of us to young to remember, the exploits of the Navajo code talkers during World War II have become legend. They were the guys who transmitted messages in their native language (with some English mixed in) between the Marine units closing in on Japan – a code the Japanese could not crack. Chester Nez, now 90, tells his …

A Japanese Itch That Won’t Go Away…

The fate of Futenma Air Station on Okinawa remains a thorn between the U.S. military and its Japanese hosts. As the city of Ginowan has grown up around the base, locals have been pushing to have it moved. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, now in Japan, agrees, but the push has been underway for 16 years. Larry Shaughnessy over at CNN’s …

Japan Worries About China Nukes

TOKYO – Never mind natural resources or national pride.

China’s rapid military modernization and aggressive territorial claims are rooted in the calculus of nuclear deterrence, according to defense analysts in Japan.

Sumihiko Kawamura, deputy director of the conservative Okazaki Institute in Tokyo, says China has claimed …

Japan Worries About China – Later

TOKYO – For the second time since taking office this month, Prime Minister Yoshihoko Noda has warned about China’s military ambitions in the Far East.

“I am concerned about their reinforcement of national defense power, which lacks transparency, and their acceleration of maritime activities,” Noda said during debate in the …

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