Cops Didn’t See Dead Woman in a Car They Kept Ticketing

Police couldn't see her because of tinted windows, snow on windshield

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A Pennsylvania woman was found dead in the driver’s seat of a car in Philadelphia on Thursday, after the car had been ticketed multiple times.

Nadia Malik, a 22-year old mother who had been reported missing Feb. 9, was found dead in thecar, with no visible signs of foul play. Police said that ticketing officers would not have been able to see inside the car, since the windows were heavily tinted and the windshield was covered in snow, the Associated Press reports. The car was ticketed multiple times, towed out of an emergency zone, and then repeatedly ticketed again until police finally discovered the body inside the car on an anonymous tip, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.

The woman was lying down in a completely reclined driver’s seat, and had a black duffel bag over her head. Authorities scheduled an autopsy Friday to determine the cause of death.

Malik has two small children with her boyfriend, who was arrested earlier this month in Ohio on a parole violation. Police are expected to question him about Malik’s death.