Walmart Shooter Says He Acted in Self Defense

Kyle Quadlin said he shot Kriston Belinte Chee because he was “in fear for his life.”

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The Arizona man who shot and killed a fellow Walmart patron on Sunday evening acted in self-defense, local police said Monday. Kyle Wayne Quadlin told police that he shot Kriston Charles Belinte Chee because he was “in fear for his life,” the Associated Press reports.

Surveillance video confirms that the two had been fighting in the Walmart, located in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, before shots were fired. Belinte Chee, who was 36-years-old, was pronounced dead after the shooting at a nearby hospital. Quadlin has not been charged in the shooting. According to the AP,  the police in Chandler, Ariz. are in the process of submitting the investigation for review in the local County Attorney’s office.