Florida Jurors Deadlocked On Loud Music Killing

Ten hours of deliberation produce no verdict on murder charges for Michael Dunn

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A jury was unable to reach a complete verdict Saturday in the case of a Florida man accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black teen in an argument over loud music, and a judge has directed the jury to continue deliberating.

The Florida jury said it had reached a decision on four of five counts in the case of Michael Dunn, but not on the most serious charge of first degree murder, which may decide whether Dunn is convicted on lesser charges like manslaughter.

The judge has directed the jury to continue deliberating. If jurors return and say they are unable to reach a conclusion, a mistrial is possible on that one count.

Michael Dunn said he acted in self-defense in shooting the black teen, invoking the same “Stand your ground” clause invoked in the George Zimmerman trial last year.