East Coast Pummeled By Second Winter Storm In A Week

Snow, sleet, and freezing rain from Kansas to New England

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The second winter storm of the week blitzed the eastern United States with sleet, icy rain and snow Wednesday, leaving besieged citizens to dream of giving up and heading West.

Wednesday’s winter storm dumped up to 8 inches of snow from Kansas through to New England, interspersed with ice and rain. Ice left almost 700,000 people without power in Pennsylvania and 73,000 in the dark in Maryland, the Weather Channel reports. Power outages were also reported inĀ Arkansas, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Schools were closed across Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New Jersey, and over 2,800 flights were canceled across the region. Mississippi, Kansas, New York and New Jersey declared states of emergency because of the weather.

This isn’t fun, sledding snow, but the nasty, wet, icy variety. So do yourself a favor and stay inside today.