You Can Win a Blue Ribbon for Pot Brownies in Denver

Also for speedy joint rolling

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This Jan. 26, 2013 photo taken at a grow house in Denver shows a marijuana plants ready to be harvested.

The Denver County Fair will allow marijuana products to be judged in its 2014  contests, including marijuana plants, pot brownies and homemade bongs.

The county fair, which already includes a drag queen contest and a contest for best diorama made with peeps candy, will include marijuana products for the first time at a separate “pot pavilion” open to people over 21. The categories include live plants, savory and sweet marijuana treats, and homemade bongs and roach clips, the Associated Press reports. Photographs of the winning entries will be displayed in the main fairground, but only to visitors over 21.

Denver and Washington state became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012 voter referendums.

There will also be a joint-rolling contest at the fair, but the contestants will use oregano instead of marijuana.

Winners will get $20 and a blue ribbon.