Arctic Cold Descends on Midwest

Schools were closed and flights canceled amid some of the coldest temperatures in decades

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The cold weather is back with a vengeance in the Midwest.

Officials in Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Minnesota closed schools Monday, and some 800 flights were canceled due to the frigid, icy conditions, Reuters reports. Acrtic chills coming down from Canada are compounding what is for Chicago the coldest winter in 30 years. Chicago, Minneapolis and other parts of the Upper Midwest are expected to have two consecutive days of subzero highs on Monday and Tuesday.

The cold weather is expected to ease up within the next couple weeks in the northeastern United States—where highs will be in single-digits or teens through Wednesday—but not in the Midwest.

“Chicago probably won’t get any relief,” U.S. Storm Prediction Center forecaster Corey Mead told Reuters.