Bloomberg Bids Farewell On Final Day as Mayor of New York

"I will still be on call until 11:59:59," says the departing mayor

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Ben Hider / Getty Images

Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at the New York Palace's unveiling celebration in New York City, on Sept. 17, 2013.

Michael Bloomberg made his final public appearance as mayor of New York City on Tuesday, at an interfaith breakfast at the New York Public Library just hours before his time in office expires.

“As you may know, I’ve been mayor now for 11 years, 364 days and about nine hours–but who’s counting?” Bloomberg said, according to the Wall Street Journal. Bloomberg thanked his staff and city employees, and said it was a privilege serving the people of New York City.

Several religious leaders paid tribute to the mayor during the breakfast. “Honorable mayor, I have two words for you and I’m now free to say it: You rock,” said Bishop Nancy Rosario of the Church of God’s Children in the Bronx.

Bloomberg told attendees he would leave City Hall today at 4:45pm, “because I’ve got a party to go to tonight. I will still be on call until 11:59:59.” The incumbent mayor Bill de Blasio will be sworn in at City Hall on Wednesday.