Emergency Slide Inflates During JetBlue Flight

The flight from Fort Myers to Boston had to make an emergency landing in Orlando

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An inflatable emergency evacuation slide suddenly deployed inside of a JetBlue aircraft en route from Fort Myers, FL, to Boston, MA,  Wednesday. A flight attendant was injured and passengers were understandably rattled.

“It was scary. It was a loud boom, and when that happens on an airplane, it really gets your attention,” a retired photographer for the Boston Globe who was on the flight told the Boston Globe.  The slide, he said, filled the space between the cockpit and the first row of seats. A flight attendant pinned by the slide was freed when a passenger was able to puncture and deflate the slide.

The plane made an emergency landing in Orlando at 3:45p.m. and passengers were put on a new flight scheduled to depart Wednesday evening. The original aircraft was taken out of service.

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