Mother and 4 Children Killed in NYC Stabbing

An older cousin has been charged

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John Minchillo / AP

Medical Examiner Transport personnel place remove a loaded body bag from a residence in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn Sunday, Oct. 27.

A suspect is in custody for the murder of a 37-year-old woman and her four young children, who were stabbed at their Brooklyn residence Saturday night.

All five victims–Qiao Zhen Li and her children, Linda Zhuo, 9, Amy Zhuo, 7, Kevin Zhuo 5, and 1-year-old William Zhuo–were discovered unconscious and unresponsive at the scene, police say.

Two girls and a boy were pronounced dead at the scene, while another boy and the mother were taken to Brooklyn hospitals, where they were also pronounced dead, the Associated Press reports.

The suspect, 25, and preliminarily identified in the New York Post as the children’s mentally troubled older cousin, has been charged with the murders.

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