Calculate Your Insurance Costs Under Obamacare

An easy way to figure out what you will pay under the new health care law

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Less than a week before new state-based insurance marketplaces launch in every state, the federal government has released a trove of data on  the cost of insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Staffers at the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation have been working around the clock with this and other data to produce a handy tool that calculates how much individuals and families without job-based insurance will pay for coverage in 2014. Simply by entering your zip code, annual income and age, you can find the cheapest plan available during the six-month open enrollment period that begins Oct. 1, as well as what federal subsidies you would qualify for under the Affordable Care Act. (Massachusetts, Kentucky, New York and Vermont either calculate premiums in unique ways or have not yet released complete information on 2014 insurance costs, so results for these states are less specific than others.)

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