Grand Theft Grief: Boy Kills Granny After Playing Game

He shot her in the head while she was watching TV

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An 8-year old Louisiana boy shot and killed his 87-year old grandmother last week after playing the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, CNN reports.

The victim, Marie Smothers, was identified by police only as the boy’s primary caregiver, but WBRZ in Slaughter, La., reported that she was his grandmother. At first the boy claimed that the gun accidentally discharged, but further investigation revealed that he intended to shoot Smothers in the back of the head as she watched television.

Authorities say that the gun belonged to the victim, and it is unclear whether it was properly stored. Authorities said the two had a “normal, loving relationship” and shared a bedroom.

The boy won’t face charges, as children under 10 are exempt from criminal responsibility under Louisiana law.