The Living Dead: Woman Turns Up Alive After Her Funeral

She walked into a mental health facility 13 days after her family thought they buried her

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A Philadelphia woman turned up alive last week 13 days after her family thought they had buried her, CBS reports.

A body identified as Sharolyn Jackson’s was buried Aug. 3, after the Philadelphia Medical Examiner signed the death certificate. But then on Aug. 16, Jackson — 50 years old and very much alive — walked into a mental health facility, the local CBS affiliate reported late Thursday.

“You know how you feel that you’re just about to get over it, that she’s dead,” said Dave Minnie, Jackson’s father. “And then [Jackson’s son] comes here with the news that she’s alive!”

The body had been found on July 20, apparently dead of natural causes. Both Jackson’s son and a social worker who knew her identified photographs of the body as hers.

Authorities are now planning to exhume the body in the hopes of making a correct identification.

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