First Review of Zero Dark Thirty: The Girl Who Got bin Laden

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In the darkest hour of the night, elite Navy SEALs raid Osama Bin Laden's compound in Columbia Pictures' new thriller from director Kathryn Bigelow, about the greatest manhunt in history, ZERO DARK THIRTY.

In a “black site” at an “undisclosed location,” a CIA officer is interrogating a man suspected of having information on Osama bin Laden‘s courier. The suspect, Ammar (Reda Kateb), believes he can withstand the waterboarding, the dog collar, the sleep and food deprivation, the heavy metal soundtrack that hammers his warehouse cell 24 hours a day; he boldly asserts that “Jihad will go on for a hundred years.” But as his captor, Dan (Jason Clarke), patiently explains, “In the end, bro, everybody breaks. It’s biology.” Ammar turns to Dan’s silent partner, Maya (Jessica Chastain), and cries, “Your friend is an animal. Please help me.” The ordeal continues. That’s diplomacy, by any means necessary.

Full thing here.